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I am the Strumpf Early Career Assistant Professor of Economics at Penn State.

I am on leave as a Kenen Fellow at Princeton's Economics Department in 2022-23. 

I received my Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago in 2018. I was a Visiting Scholar at the Minneapolis Fed in 2018-19.

My research focuses on applied macroeconomics,  macro development, innovation, and monetary economics. 



Google Scholar: [ Link ]

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Working Papers

Published and Forthcoming

Work in Progress

Price Setting During a Currency Changeover

with Fernando Alvarez, Alberto Cavallo, and Francesco Lippi

Adoption of Foreign Products and Information Externalities Across Domestic Networks

with Esteban Mendez and Diana Van Patten


How Illiquid are Illiquid Assets?

with Corina Boar, Elisa Giannone, Federico Kochen, and Donggyu Lee


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